The market has typically organizations that act as Agencies for various NVOCCs. This helps them optimize their presence in the market and meet all possible sector operations.

The challenges faced by such agencies are meeting process requirements of each NVOCC Principal as well as managing local regulatory requirements and port filing requirements.

The EBMS team has enabled streamlining of these operations by flexible automation solutions that help multiple Principals requirements to be met through the Automation solution.

These solutions have enabled the Agencies
  • Remove redundancies due to manual recording of operations

  • Remove Duplication of work once for local requirements and once for Principal requirements

  • Efficient operations by sharing of information across all functions

  • Better financial management due to real time invoicing and receivables management.

The Customer self service solutions from eBMS puts the customers of the shipping service providers in direct touch with them, be it documentation, approvals, tracking or account management.

Projects Experience :
Hamburg Süd India Pvt. Ltd
IAL Logistics Emirates LLC, Dubai
IAL Container Line India Ltd - Chennai
IAL Container Line India Ltd - Mumbai
IAL Container Line India Ltd - Delhi
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd - Mumbai
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd - Delhi
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd - Chennai
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd - Kolkata
Parekh Marine Agencies Pvt Ltd - Kandla
Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd - Mumbai
Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd - Delhi
Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd - Chennai
Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd - Kandla
Goodrich Maritime Pvt Ltd - Kolkata
Sea bridge Maritime Agencies Pvt. Ltd. - Mumbai
Samudera Emirates Shipping LLC - Dubai
Aquarius Maritime Ltd. - Mumbai
Aquarius Maritime Ltd. - Chennai
Aquarius Navigation - Dubai
Ibrakom Cargo L.L.C - Dubai
Ceekay Shipping LLC - Dubai
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Karachi
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Singapore
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Chennai
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Mumbai
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Delhi
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Mundra
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Abu Dhabi
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Port Kelang
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Muscut
Ceekay Shipping Agencies - Jakarta
Moonlight Shipping Agencies - Chennai
Vasco Maritime - Dubai
Ocean Master Dubai ( Agents Shipping Corporation of India)
Stellar Logistics ( James Mackintosh Group)
Seahorse Group Mumbai, Chennai, Kandla
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